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The Forgotten - A Kingdom Hearts Roleplay

The Forgotten

A mysterous castle.

A lost boy.

A lonely heart.

Is any of this for r e a l ?

        The Forgotten is a very special Kingdom Hearts roleplay that is designed for the older RPer who wishes for the intensity of a chat RP, but does not want to spend long hours watching a chatroom. The story begins the moment Sora steps foot inside Castle Oblivion. It will be an alternate universe look at what happened during Chain of Memories, although there will be many canon elements and tidbits from Kingdom Hearts 2 to be found as well.

        This premise may sound sketchy, however this is a very plot driven storyline that is scheduled to end within two months of its launch date on December 1st, 2005. Further information is being kept vague on purpose so that the story won't be spoiled. There is only one thing you need to know:

        Your character may be real or not, and you won't know the truth until the very end.

        At the moment, all characters are open for auditioning. We offer competitive placement for muns who wish to audition, which means that we will review every application from now until November 25h, 2005 and hold off on deciding who gets to RP the character until that day. Created characters are not accepted, which I apologize in advance for. Also note that we have a 2 day posting requirement and an age limit of 18 years or older.

        Although the storyline is not scheduled to begin until December 1st, 2005, there will be a training period from November 25h, 2005 - 31st so that all of our new members can get the hang of the roleplay rules that are defined in the Community Roleplay Guidelines.

        It is highly recommended that you read both the Community Information page and the Community Roleplay Guidelines before deciding if this is the right storyline for you.
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