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New Guy

Since im new ill give u a lil insite in the internet
All right i got really really bored about an hour ago so i went looking at sites.. alright these are the 3 sites i went to and none r porn sry horny people but no porn in this journal...
1. A stupid plush doll thing and ill tell u how i got on this site i saw the Punisher Doll and it jus looked soo funny cuz hes smiling and and i saw later the hulk and when i think of the hulk i think strong and scary well wat i got was... how do u put it panzzy like if u want to see the piture go to ( which i say is one of the worst versions of the hulk i have seen sense the movie...
2.Next we have some retard thinking he is funny putting a chicken or rooster who cares what it is on his head and making a i wanna suck hard facejus for laughs and wat i say to that is he is a dumbass a gay dumbass and should of been killed by the animal on his head because he is a f'n mouron and should go to hell and the site is or/ jus im a big retard who should get a life and stop putiing dumb animals on my head for
3.Is a website to get people to get a job at their bussiness but it shows a bunch of people holding a brief cases and holding out there hands. It seems like a good piture but wat did i have a problem wit FIRST:It shows all the people smiling and i kno 10-1 if i worked wit a guy who looks likes hes gonna malest u and spank u in the ass and call u sally i would defintly wouldnt like to work thereand when u see the the piture ull agree and NEXT: I hate how they have all different ethenities but no mexicans or cubans and i looking like one dissagree wit but i think they think the mexican will steal their jobs and their hub caps and i bet they think the Cuban will try and make a revult and start shooting people but thats wrong thats Postal workers any way... the conect to the piture is wait its called man power but there are 2 more women than men but one women looks like a man soo its kinda even but the title still makes no sense and i think their NAZIS
yae and thats pretty much why dumbass should not be let on line
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