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Hiya pals.

Hi. I'm new. I'm mainly a playwright but I'm working on a novel. I made a journal for my main character. It's _marceline_. I thought it was a good idea.
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Cool. I used to do some similar things for my two main characters, except I kept it all in my personal journal. I mostly did it to feed my passion for the project.

So... feel like sharing more about the novel itself?
Yeah. The idea was actually conceived throught the character of Eliza Doolittle. I started to think about what her mother would be like and thus I came upon Marceline. So it's similar to Susan Kay's Phantom in a sense but the story is all about her and her life.
Gah. What was Eliza Doolittle from again? For some reason I keep thinking of "My Fair Lady." Am I way off base here?

How do you feel about writing period literature? Is it a special interest of yours? I'm curious as to how you'd go about developing a character from that time period. Obviously you spend a lot of time exploring Marceline's psyche and how it affects her responses while she's putting on her 'public' face.
Well, I'm obsessed with the old times I guess you could call them and I have a very good perception of them. She is most developed character. You are right it is My Fair Lady. Also the play was called Pygmalion. She's a very univerals character with excellent themes. She loves books herself, which become very important in her life. Her story is ver indepth and I could probably trace back her whole family history. The real challenge is the place. I've never been to Europe so it's hard for me to write the external parts of teh story right now.
I have a very similar problem with the setting of my serial fiction, except i have it easier. I've never been to CA or the west coast at all, but at least it takes place in the present, so I can ask people I know who live there what it's like.

For the most part, though, I stay very vague. You probably don't have as much opportunity to do that. I'd imagine that Marceline plays off her environment a great deal.

It's been so long since I saw "My Fair Lady" and I've never seen "Pygmalion," but I'm familiar with the Greek myth of the same name. After reading several entries in Marceline's journal, I'm interested in her life story and how Eliza came to be how she was. Do you have a summary written somewhere, or would you be willing to provide one here?

(This is a pleasant surprise. I've been MARZ-centric to the point of being uninterested in anyone else's work for at least a month now, and I was starting to feel bad about it. But yours intrigues me. I hope at some point you'll have a chance to check out mine.)